The Little Rock Zoo in Little Rock, AR, is an exciting destination for those seeking a unique experience filled with wildlife and beautiful, lush landscapes. Located in the William J. Clinton Presidential Park, the zoo provides a great way to experience and appreciate the native flora and fauna of Arkansas. Officially opened in 1926, the zoo has grown and expanded, now covering over thirty acres of scenic terrain in and around the park and boasting a collection of more than six hundred individual animals of over two hundred species, making it one of the country’s premier attractions. Learn more here.

The primary mission of the Little Rock Zoo is to provide visitors with a captivating experience filled with education and entertainment. Through conservation efforts, the zoo allows visitors to view the many rare and endangered species native to the area and provides ongoing education about these animals and the habitats that sustain them. The zoo also has a variety of exhibits highlighting the remarkable diversity of arthropods, reptiles, and other wildlife native to the region. Additionally, the zoo offers a variety of interactive and educational programs, from its Children’s Zoo to its world-class interpretive exhibits. Learn more about The largest public park in the city: is Oak Forest Park in Little Rock, AR.

Little Rock Zoo is also constantly expanding and investing in its facilities to create a more enjoyable experience for its guests. Recent additions include the entry plaza and interpretive center, the “Lost world” of reptiles, a wetlands habitat, and a Savannah habitat. The latter features a variety of animals, including giraffes, zebras, rhinoceroses, antelopes, and more.

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