Little Rock Zoo of Little Rock, Arkansas, is a haven of animal fun, adventure, and natural beauty that will enchant children and adults alike. This enjoyable experience is in the middle of the City of Little Rock, Arkansas, surrounded by marvelous trees and lush green grass. The zoo strives to lead in animal conservation, education, and entertainment. Learn more here.

The Little Rock Zoo was founded in 1926 and is now home to over 700 animals and birds of more than 200 species. As one of the state’s top attractions, the zoo is dedicated to the conservation of animals and their habitats, as well as to educating visitors about the plants and animals within the zoo. With its commitment to conservation and education, visitors can be reassured that the unique and fascinating species housed at the zoo can be preserved for future generations. The Little Rock Zoo features a range of habitats and exhibits for visitors to explore. These include the Osage Exhibit, featuring bobcats, foxes, and birds of prey; the Rainforest Exhibit, showcasing animals from the jungle, such as parakeets and macaws; World of Primates, housing lemurs, red-ruffed lemurs, musk shrews, and snub-nosed monkeys; the African Elephant Exhibit; and the Koala Station, where visitors can admire the adorable koalas. The zoo also has a Journey to the Reef exhibit, featuring a variety of stingrays and colorful fish; the Waddell Wildlife Exhibit, showcasing a large selection of African animals such as giraffes and zebras; and the Otter Playground, which is home to North American river otters. Learn more about MacArthur Park in Little Rock, AR.

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